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Robert J. Spitz

Ontario Business Contracts  Lawyer

Ontario Business  Contracts Attorney

Ontario Business Contracts Attorney | Lawyer

Welcome to the Ontario, California Law Office of Robert J. Spitz. Business Contracts Lawyer Robert J. Spitz brings 41 years of experience to individuals and small businesses throughout the Inland Empire.

A dedicated sole practitioner, Ontario Business Contracts Attorney Robert Spitz will personally handle all aspects of your case – you will never be passed off to an associate. Contact The Law Office of Robert J. Spitz at (909) 395-0909 to schedule a consultation with one of the Inland Empire’s most respected and experienced business attorneys. Certain business matters are taken on a contingency fee basis.

Ontario Business Contract Lawyer Robert J. Spitz provides representation to individuals and Business Law clients in a wide variety of contracts matters, including:

Drafting Business Contracts

Contract Preparation

Contract Negotiations

Reviewing Business Contracts

Contracts are a necessity for every business owner.

When business owners try to draft contracts without

benefit of experienced legal counsel, they often find

their businesses involved in costly litigation. If you

own a business, it is imperative that you retain a

knowledgeable Business Lawyer who knows how

to clearly draft a business contract that sets forth the

rights, obligations and duties of each party in plain language.

Entering into a contract that clearly and precisely sets forth each parties’ expectations can greatly minimize the likelihood that you will end up in litigation. Ontario Contract Attorney Robert Spitz works diligently to ensure that his clients’ business contracts don’t leave room for misinterpretation or doubt.

Ontario Business Attorney Robert J. Spitz takes a proactive and practical approach. He will carefully review all of the details of your legal situation, identify potential problems and propose effective solutions to help you resolve your legal matter as efficiently as possible.

For representation in a Business or Real Estate matter, please complete our Case Evaluation Form and Ontario Real Estate Attorney and Business Lawyer Robert Spitz will contact you.


What Types of Contracts are Important for a Business?

Contracts are necessary for a business to regulate operations and maintain a profitable and strategic business model. A company will use a wide variety of contracts in the regular course of business. These may include:

For a contract to be effective, it must clearly and effectively communicate the rights and obligations of all parties. In this manner, contract disputes can be avoided. The preparation and drafting of a business contract should be handled by an experienced business contract attorney. A skilled lawyer can minimize the potential for future liability and disruption to the business.

How Can a Business Contract Help a Company Grow?

A contract can be a strategic tool that a business can use to facilitate growth and attain legal objectives. It should clearly communicate the scope of each party’s involvement, including financial requirements and time constraints. In addition, a well-drafted contract lays out plans and gives direction on specific items. In this way, a business can proceed toward stated growth targets without distraction.


A business contract can lay the foundation for mutually beneficial business relationships. Successful contracts can help increase competitiveness in the supply chain, drive products to new markets, and encourage innovative ideas. Establishing contracts with corporate partners can result in a business diversifying their revenue stream and progressively growing their business.

How Can a Contract Strengthen a Business Relationship?

A business contract can establish a positive relationship between companies. Whether the contract involves a transfer of services or the sale of products, all parties can use a business contract to clearly communicate their intentions. By mutually agreeing on the contract’s terms, each party will understand the expectations of the others and all will be satisfied when the terms are fulfilled. Good communication and cooperation through business contracts can help make business relationships stronger.

When a business contract clearly specifies certain details, it decreases the chances for miscommunication with other companies. Business disputes often occur because there is no contract in place. These disputes can become costly and may significantly drain a business’ critical resources.

What Contracts Can Assist Employers?

A business contract can be used as a successful tool for governing relationships with workers. There are several contracts which address specific matters pertaining to the employer-employee relationship. Some of these contracts establish the conditions of employment. The terms of the employment agreement are worked out between the parties and can include a wide range of information, including the following:

On the opposite spectrum, an independent contractor agreement lays out the terms under which a person who is not an employee can work with the company. The independent contractor is most likely performing a specific service on a short term basis. This type of contract helps employers clearly identify the scope and purpose of a certain type of worker.

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