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Robert Spitz Bankruptcy Information Sheet

Bankruptcy can help businesses and individuals obtain relief from overwhelming financial stress. Bankruptcy laws are for those who find themselves with a larger debt than they can manage. There are many reasons why a person or a business may find themselves struggling with a high amount of debt. It may be due to job loss, medical bills, credit card debt, unexpected business costs, illness or injury, divorce, or other unavoidable circumstances. Pursuing debt relief options can free you from having to deal with creditor harassment, foreclosure, sleepless nights, and the stress that comes from being unable to pay your monthly bills. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can strongly advocate on behalf of individuals and companies to help them gain a brighter financial future.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Personal Financial Relief

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy helps individuals and families get a fresh financial start. This type of bankruptcy, also known as “Fresh Start Bankruptcy,” is designed for individuals who have very few assets and little income. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be your best option if debt collectors are contacting you day and night, sending you frightening letters, threatening to sue you, or following through with lawsuits against you. Even if creditors have already obtained a judgment against you, you may still be able to gain financial freedom.

Individuals may qualify to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy when they have minimal assets, and their income is lower than the median level for California residents. Under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the petitioners are generally allowed to keep most of their assets.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy | Financial Solutions for Businesses

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy provides for the financial reorganization of businesses that are potentially capable of turning a profit and paying creditors. This type of bankruptcy helps those with significant assets and property. When filing the Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy Petition, the debtor must simultaneously file a reorganization plan as well as a complete written statement of assets and debts.

After the Chapter 11 Reorganization Bankruptcy Petition has been filed, a business continues operating as usual during the entire bankruptcy process. In many cases, the business owner retains control of business matters. A Chapter 11 Bankruptcy gives viable businesses the opportunity to reorganize debt while maximizing creditor returns.  

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | Personal Debt Reorganization

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also called “reorganization bankruptcy.” It provides a solution for individuals and small business owners who are undergoing financial hardship. This bankruptcy consolidates, reduces, and reorganizes debt. A payment plan is set up through the Bankruptcy Courts that will allow you to pay your debts over the course of a three-to-five-year period. At the end of the agreed upon timeframe, the Bankruptcy Court may fully discharge the remaining amounts owed if all payments have been made in a timely manner.

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy offers many benefits, including the opportunity to:

By utilizing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, individuals who have significant assets may be allowed to retain those assets while reducing the stress that financial hardship causes. These individuals and businesses can restructure their finances and get their lives back on track.

Stop Foreclosure | Options for Saving Your Home

When you have fallen behind on your mortgage, are facing foreclosure, or are in the middle of the foreclosure process, it can be a daunting situation as you realize you may lose your home. One option may be to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Protection. Initiating this process can stop foreclosure and help you save your house. When a Bankruptcy Petition is filed in California, an automatic stay is issued. This forces creditors to halt foreclosure proceedings and stop collection actions.

Contact a Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer

Our bankruptcy law firm provides skilled legal representation in a wide range of bankruptcy matters. The Law Office of Robert J. Spitz also helps clients with ending creditor harassment, stopping foreclosure, and exploring alternatives to bankruptcy. Contact the Law Offices of Robert J. Spitz at (909) 395-0909 or contact us by email and we will arrange a complimentary consultation.

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