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Rancho Cucamonga Lawyer Robert J. Spitz  has been offering outstanding legal representation to Real Estate and Business Law  clients throughout the Inland Empire for 41 years. If you are involved in a real estate or business transaction or dispute, Attorney Robert Spitz has the experience you need!Rancho Cucamonga Real Estate and Business Law Attorney Robert J. Spitz

Contact The Law Office of Attorney Robert J. Spitz at (909) 395-0909 to schedule a consultation with a highly respected and experienced Business & Real Estate lawyer. Some business and real estate cases are taken on a contingency fee basis.

A dedicated sole practitioner in practice since 1975, Attorney Robert Spitz personally handles each aspect of every case and you will never be passed off to an associate. The Rancho Cucamonga Law Office of Lawyer Robert Spitz  provides aggressive, honest and intelligent legal representation to clients who need quality representation in the following Business Law and Real Estate Law  matters:

Business Contracts:  Contract negotiations, review &


Business Formation:  Choosing proper business entity for business formation, drafting business agreements, by-laws,

articles of incorporation & partnership agreements.

Business Litigation:  Quality client representation in all forms of business litigation, including actions for Breach of Contract, Injunctive Relief, and Unfair Business Practices.

Foreclosure:  Representation in Defense of Foreclosure Proceedings.

Landlord / Tenant:  Commercial and Residential Landlord / Tenant disputes and lease related advice, including: Leases, Evictions, Rent Abatement, Habitability and Security Deposit Disputes.

Loan Modifications:  Comprehensive analysis of your mortgage documents, including a review of your monthly mortgage payments and preparation / submission of mortgage loan documents.

Real Estate Litigation:  Aggressive and well thought out representation in Real Estate Litigation disputes, including: Broker Disputes; Construction Defects & Disputes; Breach of Contract; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Boundary Disputes; Government Taking Disputes.

Rancho Cucamonga Real Estate Lawyer and Business Attorney Robert J. Spitz takes a proactive and practical approach. He will carefully review all of the details of your legal situation, identify potential problems and propose effective solutions to help you resolve your legal matter as efficiently as possible.

For representation in a Business or Real Estate matter, please complete our Case Evaluation Form  and Rancho Cucamonga Real Estate Attorney  and Business Lawyer Robert Spitz will contact you.

For immediate legal assistance, call Rancho Cucamonga Business & Real Estate Attorney Robert Spitz at (909) 395-0909.

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